[VIDEO] Liberal BBC is Shocked When Black American Police Officer Calls Biden an “Idiot” on Live TV

This guy didn’t know what to say or do ?

This video is from back when Derek Chauvin was found guilty, but the part that’s most interesting right now is how the very liberal British BBC network was left gobsmacked when this black former US cop called Joe Biden an “idiot” and a “fool” on live TV.

It’s worth watching just for that, trust me…

In what can only be called a hilarious “raw and truthful moment,” a black former police officer named Brandon Tatum let it rip without any PC or SJW filter whatsoever.

Bizpacreview reported that Instead of expressing agreement with the verdict, the former Tucson Police Department officer slammed the verdict, the network, and U.S. President Joe Biden.

Anyone who knows former cop Brandon Tatum’s background would have seen it coming, but the BBC anchor who interviewed him clearly didn’t. He probably thought because Tatum is black that he had a “pro-Biden” guest on his show.

Man, was he ever wrong…and you can see how shocked he was by his reaction to Tatum’s stance on racism, cops, and Biden.

From the get-go, Tatum made it clear that he wasn’t buying the narrative that the BBC and other media outlets both in the U.K. and here have been peddling.

After discussing the Chauvin verdict, Tatum turned his attention to Joe Biden, and what he said is how most of us feel – but this message is rarely heard on liberal-run hack networks like the BBC.

Here’s what he said:

“The president of the United States got out and made a fool of himself trying to promote racism in a simple police encounter that the officer got convicted on.”

That BBC anchor responded back with, “So you reject President Biden’s comments about systemic racism and it being a stain on the whole nation?”

Wha came next, the BBC anchor was not ready for…and it’s hilarious:

“President Biden is an idiot in my personal opinion, and he’s just talking because he’s a politician. I mean, if you look at Joe Biden himself, he spoke at a Ku Klux Klan member’s funeral and did the eulogy of Robert Byrd” Tatum said.

He went on to say that if Democrats want to play the “white supremacy” game, then they to acknowledge that Biden himself “is white supremacy and racism” defined.

“He should step down as the president because he’s an exemplification of that very thing. These people are just running their mouths, and they’re not being honest. We don’t have a problem with racism in our country,” Tatum went on to say.

Haha, it was great to see.


That BBC host didn’t know what to do.

Liberals are always at a loss when they’re confronted with truth and facts. These people exist in a bubble of lies, spin, and propaganda.

And it’s always nice when someone like Tatum comes along and pops that bubble.