[VIDEO] NC Crowd Just Gave President Trump a Standing Ovation

Trump just stopped the heart of every Democrat from here to Timbuktu

President Trump spoke on Saturday night at the North Carolina GOP Convention and the crowd gave him a standing ovation when he took the stage.

Trump was in rare form – tough, strong, resolute – exactly what you’d expect from him.

Before his speech began, the familiar “God Bless the USA” rang out over the speakers, and the crowd all stood on their feet cheering for President Trump.

Take a look:

Trump touched on a lot of subjects – but three stand out’s were calling out Fauci and China, the sham election, and the border.



People loved the speech:

It’s clear that President Trump is ready to storm the political arena, and he’s learned a lot – the hard way – about how dirty the Dems and GOP are, and he’s ready.

Are you ready to suit up and fight?

It’s time…