Hollywood is Actually in Worse Shape Than Tanking CNN and NBA Are…

There’s a lot of very paranoid celebrities right now, who won’t be able to pay for their 5th infinity pool…

As you likely know by now CNN is in utter collapse at the moment.

We also know that the NBA, lead by social justice whacko LeBron James is also circling the drain.

They’ve lost nearly half their viewers since President Trump was forced out of office.

The lights are barely on at CNN, and nobody’s home…or more specifically, nobody at “home” is watching CNN.

And nobody is interested in watching a bunch of spoiled millionaire “activists” bounce a ball down the court.

But it’s not just CNN and the NBA that are cratering.

Another left-wing cesspool is also tanking – mainly thanks to no talent, or creativity, hyper-politicization, and the COVID pandemic – and that’s Hollywood.

And in actuality, Hollywood is in much worse shape than CNN and the NBA.

Where CNN has lost almost 50 percent of its viewers, Hollywood has lost about 80 percent in revenue.


Box office earnings fell to $2.2 billion in 2020, down 80 percent from 2019’s $11.4 billion.

From Breitbart

The research found that the box office earnings fell to $2.2 billion in 2020, down 80 percent from 2019’s $11.4 billion.

The U.S. theatrical and mobile entertainment market earned $36.1 billion in 2019. But last year that take fell to $32.2 billion amid the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. It is the lowest take since the $32 billion earned in 2017.

The final number, though, from the report also shows massive growth in streaming and video-on-demand services. Streaming earned $20 billion in 2019, but that take ballooned to $26.5 billion last year.

The report also found that China’s earnings surpassed that of North America for the first time ever. China’s entertainment market earned $3 billion to America’s $2.2 billion. Japan came in second with a take of $1.3 billion.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, The MPA report added:

“The past year was challenging for the global economy, and for virtually every aspect of our daily lives: the staggering loss of life, the toll on our frontline workers, the devastating and widespread loss of jobs and businesses, and the almost complete shutdown of many industries,” MPA chairman-CEO Charles Rivkin said in his letter introducing the 60 page-plus report.

“Our workforce was not immune: Jobs were lost, productions were either curtailed or shut down, and movie theaters shuttered around the globe,” Rivkin continued. “But, during an otherwise punishing year for theatrical exhibition and our industry at large, home and curated entertainment boomed. The good news wasn’t just confined to homes, laptops, and other personal devices. As recent stories have shown, audiences never lost their appetite to enjoy the theatrical experience, and drive-in theaters enjoyed their highest returns in decades.”

What will all those elitist “woke” actors and actresses do, now?

How will they pay for their 7th infinity pool and 18th Ferrari?

All of the smug elitists who’ve pushed these lockdowns and absurd woke policies have shot themselves in the foot.

Americans don’t want to pay good money to be preached at by a bunch of degenerate rich people.

And even if they did, Dem-run cities don’t have theatres open to run all those boring, uncreative movies.

Hollywood “Epsteined” its self, and it’s truly an astonishing thing to behold.