[VIDEO] Obama’s Facial Expression, Voice, and Body Language Says “Defeated” in New CNN Interview

There doesn’t appear to be much fight left in him

It looks like Obama’s efforts to bolster the 2020 election results are running out of steam.

He and many others were quick to validate the integrity of the election shortly after the results were read, but now, nearly half a year later, it appears that the effort has dwindled, especially with the recount efforts in Arizona and New Hampshire…not to mention polling that shows a vast amount of Americans believe the election was “stolen.”

During a recent interview with CNN, Obama’s body language and tone definitely signified that something was amiss with his outlook on the recount efforts and he actually said “we’ve got a problem.”

Yes, you do have a problem, Barry…we don’t believe you…

Check it out:

It looks like the wind has really been blown out of old Barack’s sails.

You can’t really blame him.

How is he supposed to defend Biden at this point?

Race relations are no better, the economy is in the toilet and our southern border is an absolute catastrophic.

And not to mention the latest jobs report, which definitely isn’t painting a bright future.

From Politico

On the heels of April’s sluggish job growth, which shocked economic forecasters and sparked debate over a nationwide worker shortage, the May data will be closely watched for an indication of whether something significant is holding back the labor-market recovery — such as what Republicans say are overly generous federal unemployment benefits — or whether the previous data was nothing more than a one-month blip.

Democrats have downplayed the concerns, maintaining that the path back to full employment was always going to be winding and stacked with challenges. And economists are predicting the report will show 630,000 jobs were created in May, a robust number. But while Biden has been polling strongly on his handling of the economy, a second straight month of slower-than-expected job creation could embolden critics of his multitrillion-dollar infrastructure spending plans and raise fears that the labor market is facing a long road back to normal.

It’s honestly a miracle that people are even still trying to defend this administration at this point.

It looks like Obama’s “third term” isn’t going as great as he expected.