Kamala Harris is taking a lot of heat right now and she’s not risking to the occasion or living up to the pressure.

She’s crumbling.

It all centers around the nightmare at the border.

That’s right…it hasn’t gotten any better – it’s just that the Dem-run media stopped reporting on it.

In reality, we’re still dealing with a complete and total nightmare and are being flooded by migrants who are making their way there to collect all the “freebies” and “goodies” the Dems keep raising their hand and promising them.

But instead of owning up to that fact, Kamala is running around the world claiming the migrant flow is due to “climate change.”

She looks like a complete idiot doing this “climate change song and dance,” especially after Guatemala’s president just blamed Bumbling Joe for the surge.

And to make matters even worse, Kamala is still refusing to go to the border and see what’s actually going on.

And that’s where Freshman Rep Lauren Boebert comes in…she just delivered the best and most savage blow to Kamala Harris with her latest video.

Well, Lauren went to the border – and she took with her a cardboard cutout of Kamala.

Just brilliant.


I love it when the GOP gets clever and trolls these elite Dems with humor…It’s one of the most effective ways to attack these commie elites because they absolutely hate being humiliated.  That’s one reason January 6th is such a sore spot with them – they were utterly humiliated and mocked and not taken seriously.

And I understand that what’s happening at the border is not a “laughing matter,” but if you want to get your message through to a lot of people, doing something like THIS works better than just yelling and screaming the same old stuff.

This video has gone viral and will inform a lot of people of what’s really going on at the border and with their country.

Good job, Lauren!