Is she the one pulling all the strings?

It seems like at this point the Biden team is barely trying to hide the fact that Joe seems incapable of doing his job.

We all know that there’s someone pulling the strings for Joe and this new photo of Jill Biden might be a big giveaway of who it is.

Take a look – it’s “Doctor” Jill sitting behind the “president’s” desk doing G7 “work.”

Pretty unprecedented right?

Not only is Jill sitting in the so-called leader’s seat, but she’s actually prepping for the G7 conference.

Never have I seen a first lady who is this involved with the president’s work, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Definitely never saw Melania picking up her husband’s work like this.

Needless to say, this photo is sparking a big conversation all over social media, with many arguing that this is a big security risk.

“I wonder how much prep Melania did for the G7?”

“Go spend some time with your racist son” 

what the hell do you have to do with any of this, Jill?”

“Don’t recall you being installed or appointed to any position that would require G7 prep work.”

“Why is an unelected first lady and community college teacher “prepping for the G7” on air force one?”

“Shouldn’t the big guy be preparing, or is he napping?”

“Doing Joe’s homework again Jill??

“Is Joey taking a nap???”

Seriously where is Joe in this photo?

Is he off in the corner eating an ice cream cone with his blankie?

This admin just gets more laughable and absurd by the day…