Once again, Leo points out the real heart of the issue…

As you likely know by now, crackhead Hunter Biden was recently busted sending racist and rude text messages to his rich white lawyer, calling him the N-word, and making other derogatory comments about black people.

It’s really interesting to watch the “race-conscious” media pay absolutely no attention to this whatsoever.

Even while Bumbling Joe is being dragged around the country, telling everyone that the biggest threat in this county is “white supremacy.”

Well, in that case, it sounds like Hunter is the biggest threat to our nation.

Of course, our cruddy, propaganda media gives crackhead Hunter a pass…But imagine if it were Don Jr. who said that.

Do you think everyone would give Don Jr. a pass?

I couldn’t even type that last line with a straight face.

We all know it would be a 24/7 media frenzy, and Don Jr., and everyone who knows him would be dragged through the mud and forced to “disavow” him 100 times a day.

But when it comes to Hunter all we hear is a chorus of crickets from our amazing fake news pros.

Do you think the media has figured out yet that we’re on to their game, yet?

And speaking of being onto the “game,” Leo Terrell just made some very keen observations about Hunter’s N-word use and the nasty way he spoke about black folks.

Leo finds it very interesting how “comfy” Hunter is using that word…

You can watch the video below:

It’s also really curious how the media and Dems are always telling us how “racist” Trump and his family is, but it’s only Biden and his family who are saying all the “racist” stuff.

Weird how that works out, right?