All “Woke” spots teams should have NO QUESTIONS after THIS…

Americans are sick and tired of all the woke crud.

It’s gotten so old, and people are so over it, that now NBA ratings are literally, in a dumpster heap, on fire, turning into ash.

And good riddance – these sports franchises have been told time and time again that we the people do not want politics and activism mixed into our sports…but they just keep pushing, thanks to narcissistic dullards like LeBron James.

And once again, Americans spoke up loud and clear and sent a message to all of these “anti-American” sports teams and athletes that we love our anthem, and our country – and quit messing with both of them.

It’s amazing to see all of those Americans stand up and belt out the National Anthem…

It just reminds us all that patriotic Americans are still the majority in this country and we need to stop allowing 1-3% of communist kooks to run the show.