If Donald Trump has to run again in 2024, it looks like he surely has his work cut out for him.

Biden is doing a terrible job for America!

This is not supposed to be a bipartisan attack but merely observational.

The current President and the Democrats will have to defend their record on immigration, inflation, and taxes.

Particularly when we take into consideration how the Democrats manage the border crisis with no visits, uncertain comments, and childishly laughing it off.

On the opposite, President Trump recently made very precise and truthful statements about the southern border:

As President Trump thinks, putting the USA in front means protecting the border.

And while President Trump often visited the border, Biden remains far from the significant happenings!

Just today, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich demanded from Biden to come back from Europe and visit the border to seek a solution to the crisis.

Fox News has more details about this particular request:

“[Y]our administration revealed Border Patrol Agents along our Southwest border encountered more than 180,000 migrants in May alone,” Brnovich said in a Thursday letter to the president. “Since the start of this fiscal year, nearly one million migrants have been apprehended, and we still have several months left.”

May’s migrant encounter numbers are up massively compared to 2020 and 2018, when just over 23,000 and 51,000 migrants crossed the border in May of those years. Even in 2019 when there was a migrant surge, Border Patrol encountered just over 144,000 migrants in May, the highest total of any month that year.

Brnovich said that the crisis threatens the United States’ “safety, security, environment, and economy” and is also a “humanitarian disaster” due to the dangers migrants encounter on their trek from Central America and through Mexico to get to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Mr. President, the buck stops with you. You are the Commander in Chief and are responsible for the conditions at the border,” Brnovich added. “I believe solving this crisis starts by visiting the border and talking to the members of law enforcement and landowners on the ground. I hope that you will join me at the southern border in Arizona in the near future. I will make myself available at a date and time of your choosing.”

The letter from Brnovich comes as Biden is slated to remain in Europe until at least June 16, when he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the meantime, Biden will also participate in summits with the United Kingdom, the G7, NATO, and the European Union.

Very slowly, but undoubtedly, the sheeple are coming to sense and figuring out that President Trump was the President they always wanted but didn’t know is right there in front of them.

Des Moines Register debuted an Opinion piece saying that America-last policies from Joe Biden are clearing the way for President Trump’s triumph:

In 2020, had 23,000 votes, spread across Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, flipped, the Electoral College would’ve been tied, at 269-269. And with Republicans holding a majority of the states’ congressional delegations, the U.S. House of Representatives would’ve chosen Donald Trump as president.

But after five months, Joe Biden’s agenda and actions on several critical issues are diminishing Democratic prospects for 2024, and even for 2022. If the GOP retakes the House next year, it will be disastrous for the Biden-Harris administration. 

But even if that doesn’t happen, the border crisis that Biden singlehandedly created has already caused many of his voters to suffer a severe case of buyers’ remorse. Nixing the Keystone pipeline was stupid and killed tens of thousands of jobs and indicated to oil-producing nations that the United States is impeding domestic petroleum production — which, under Trump’s policies, made us net energy-independent.

Increasingly, many Americans now see that Trump was the kind of president that they always wanted — but they didn’t realize they had.

After all, most Americans appreciate straight talk from their elected officials and distrust career politicians, especially lawyers. Many voters prefer no-nonsense, business-style governance. Most Americans also favor “America First” policies and expect their president to prioritize their interests above those of foreign nationals — particularly lawbreakers. As well, most Americans despise clueless leftists who advocate defunding the police. Polls reveal that most likely voters want presidents to appoint judges who are pro-victim, not pro-perpetrator, and who favor taxpayers over indolent, able-bodied, welfare scammers. 

Americans expect their leader to understand that China not only isn’t our friend but represents a clear and present danger to us. Trump, not Biden, was that president.

Most taxpayers also strongly oppose Biden’s unprecedented, irresponsible spending spree. Even some Democrats detest Biden’s planned tax hikes and his costly boondoggles, which includes fancy hotels for immigrants, bailouts that discourage employees from returning to work, and paying the disreputable World Health Organization $200 million to reinstate America’s membership. Biden’s absurd claim that Trump caused this border disaster only exacerbates the scorn which scores of millions of Americans have for this liar. 

Biden even released Mexico from its agreement — negotiated by Trump — to post Federales (troops) on Mexico’s side of the border, to block border-crashing immigrants. As the Washington Post reported on May 25: “Under new Biden administration rules curtailing immigration enforcement, ICE carried out

3,000 deportations last month, the lowest level on record. Biden has placed ICE deportation officers on a leash so tight that some say their work is being functionally abolished.” 

As Biden and Kamala Harris foment this destructive insanity, many pro-USA citizens justifiably feel like horrified, handcuffed, blindfolded passengers in the back seat of a vehicle being driven by a drunkard at 100 mph. 

When Ronald Reagan visited Des Moines in the fall of 1980, he told me that his opponent, President Jimmy Carter, made it “easy” for him, “because of how badly he’s screwed things up.” Will Biden do the same?

Trump will be the same age (78) in 2024 that Biden is now. However, Trump moves, acts, and looks 15 years younger than Biden — who, in 2024, will be 82. By 2024, old Joe could easily look like Jimmy Carter. If so, his predecessor may well become his successor. Only a smidgeon of popular votes would flip the few states needed for Trump to net 270 electoral votes. 

Biden is basically setting the stage for Trump’s comeback.

Not long ago, Newsmax aired a story, too, about how Biden is setting the way for President Trump to be victorious once again.

Watch it below:

Will Biden’s America-last policies also secure a huge red wave in the following election?

Twitter agrees that Biden is setting the way for Donald Trump’s comeback AND a red wave!

It is an absolute fact that President Trump is a better President than Biden, by a landslide!

Patriot Dr. Steve Turley ran an episode on Rumble about how CNN admits to a massive incoming red wave as a result of Biden’s weak actions.  

He also speaks about how a President can cause House seats to flip, known as the pendulum swing.

According to Gallup, a President under 50% approval loses an average of 37 seats in the House for his party.

Check out Turley’s amusing red wave analysis in the following video from Rumble:

Maybe things had to turn out like this to show US people what you get with the deep state.

Inaction, globalism, and inflation.

The only good deed from Biden may be clearing the way for President Trump’s epic comeback.