This is fast-becoming a phenomenon and it’s getting bigger by the moment…

There’s a new phenomenon happening n the US and abroad.

People are getting their message out about the 2020 election by unfurling gigantic banners that read “TRUMP WON.”

It’s happened a lot during MLB baseball games – but it’s also happened in foreign countries – and the timing couldn’t have been better…a big “TRUMP WON” sign greeted Kamala Harris right when she got off the plane.

It’s really the best way to get our point across since the media won’t actually do their job and investigate anything and Dems and GOP establishment are busy covering up for their involvement.

Besides, we know noting makes liberals pop their lid more than repeating the truth: TRUMP WON.

And this phenomenon is growing…another banner was recently unfurled on live TV. This latest one happened in Miami, Florida.

Take a look:

I love to see this. Let’s hope it keeps up and grows and grows.

Would love to start seeing “TRUMP WON” banners at every live event.