BREAKING NEWS: 9 States Will Visit AZ Audit Center

Nine State Delegation will tour the historic Arizona audit on Friday.

Until Tuesday, only six states visited the facility and observed the audit. On Thursday, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase was the seventh who followed the audit.

However, nine states delegation received a tour of the Arizona forensic audit, and we hope that they will be replicating it in their home states.

“The Freight Train Of Audits is FULL STEAM across the country!” Boris Epshteyn was in Bannon’s War Room!

The first forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election is coming to its end with the hand counting process.

Only one pallet is remained to be counted!

More paper evaluation tables are arranged to speed up the process. The hand recount is done fast, but the paper evaluation will take a little bit longer.

According to the officials, the audit is scheduled to finish by the end of June. Then, they will share what they have found and discovered from the historical forensic audit!

Christina Bobb shared that she expects “that the count is not even close to what was certified” because some pallets are missing up to 20% of the votes that should be inside.