[VIDEO] Putin Just Humiliated Biden Yet Again, This Time on Live TV

Biden’s Handlers have to be drinking themselves silly right about now…

I think the worst job on the planet would be “Biden’s Handler.”

Imagine the stress those ghouls are working under, with this lying, cheating Buffon as the face of the “presidency.”

They have to be popping Tums and drinking themselves into a stupor.

Once again, Putin manages to humiliate Biden – this time on LIVE TV – and the beauty of this move is that Biden wasn’t even there…lucky him.

Biden is famous for his lies. He lies all the time and you can’t believe any of the stories that he tells, because those are all fake too.

And today, Putin just busted Biden in a doozy.

It’s surrounding the story where Joe says he once looked Putin in the eyes and told him that he had a “soul,” and that the two of them “understand” each other.

Well, today, a reporter asked Putin about that supposed incident, and Putin said he didn’t remember that convo.

Of course not, because it never happened…

All he remembered was Biden talking about his mother.

Yes, that sounds about right.


Of course, Joe lied.

Does this shock anyone?

You literally can’t believe anything this man says or writes (he likes to plagiarize too).