[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson Reveals Biggest Jaw-Dropping Plot-Twist Regarding Jan 6th

This report will give you nightmares…but it’s a must-watch for so many reasons…

We all know by now that January 6th is being used as a political weapon.

The left uses everything as a weapon, and, next to COVID, Jan 6th is one of their biggest and best yet.

The problem is, the narrative they’ve sold – an “armed insurrection” that killed a police officer is a complete and total lie.

Nobody at the melee was “armed” except the police.

And the only person who was killed as a result of that event was an unarmed Trump supporter.

These are inconvenient facts for the left…so they keep pushing the lies.

Biden just did it again today, and nobody in the fake news media will call him out:

The left got a real “political gem” when January 6th unfolded. It was another amazing “coincidence” of perfect timing for them…Just like COVID, that came along right in time to destroy Trump’s perfect economy and start all those “mail-in” ballots.

Miraculous political luck, right?

Do you believe in coincidences?

Most don’t…at least not when they’re THIS BIG and this close together.

So, what really happened on Jan 6th? Was it a spur-of-the-moment melee, or did Trump supporters plan it, or was it something completely different and far more sinister than anything you could ever imagine?

Tucker Carlson and former Trump speechwriter and head of Revolver News, Darren Beattie, both believe it may be much darker and more evil than most people can handle…

Did the FBI orchestrate the Jan 6th events?

You can watch the video below:

I would encourage you to read the vital piece on this very topic from Revolver.news.

It will likely change your perspective on everything.