Watch: Joe Drops a “Truth Bomb” on Jill in This Hilarious Parody Video

Oh boy, this is one for the record books ?

By now, you’re probably aware that Jill thinks she’s a “doctor.”

It’s not shocking, after all during the 2020 primary, Whoopi Goldberg, that genius from “The View,” wanted Jill to be the next surgeon general – you know, because she’s such a good “doctor” and all.

In actuality, Jill isn’t a “doctor.” She has her doctorate in some kind of education – but trust me, she loves to be called “Dr. Jill” and has bragged about her doctorate many times.

And by now you also probably know that recently, her creepy husband Joe Biden. freaked out nearly all of America when he leaned into a microphone and started whispering like a clown in a horror movie during a press event regarding his bloated infrastructure bill.

Well, one very creative and talented Trump supporter took those two separate incidents and spliced them together to make one really hilarious parody clip.

You’re gonna love this one!

You can watch the video below:

It’s definitely not difficult mocking and making fun of these two goofs.

I guess out of everything rotten we’re facing n this country, Joe and Jill’s buffoonery is the one and only bright spot.

After all, everyone needs a good laugh now and then.