Yet Another Billionaire Just Died Mysteriously…This One Was Well-Known For His “Sexual Fetishes…”

What’s going on? So many of the worlds creepy billionaires are dying mysteriously…

His name is Mircea Popescu and he was a Romanian bitcoin billionaire with a penchant for very kinky sexual encounters.

Basically, he was a creepy pervert.

And now, at just 41-years-old he’s dead.

And his death happened in Costa Rica, and it’s a mystery…

Bitcoin Magazine reported that Popescu, rumored to be one of the largest individual bitcoin holders – he has claimed to hold 1 million coins, though more conservative estimates place his holdings in the tens of thousands — is believed to have died at the age of 41, according to a story first surfacing in a Costa Rican news report this week.

While unconvincing on its own – the article mentions only his name – the news has since been affirmed by three different women with whom he was known to have had long-standing, reportedly consensual master-slave relationships.

The Bitcoin billionaire was into “master/slave” relationships and is often accused of being a “woman-hater” and a racist.

Details on his death are sketchy at the moment, but reports indicate he supposedly drowned, although many people believe he’s alive and “faked” his own death.

According to reports, the incident occurred at about 8:30 am.

Local reports claim Popescu jumped into the sea for a swim and was swept away by the current and died on the spot.