Look What Anti-American Olympian Gwen Berry Just Deleted…

How curious that she rushed to delete this, right?’

We need to look into the “radicalization” of our sports figures.

It’s not just a couple of them –  this new “Marxist radicalization” is happening to MANY athletes across the board and it needs to be studied and addressed.

Look at what’s happened to Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, and zillions of other lesser-known athletes who seem to hate the country that has given them so much, and afforded them a life of riches, power, and influence.

There’s a “dark energy” surrounding these folks – it’s hateful, and mean, and negative…the same Marxist vibe that emanates from BLM.

Gwen Berry, the Olympic “hammer throwing” bronze medalist who turned her back when the American anthem played, is a perfect example of this hateful communist energy.

But she hasn’t always been this way – just a few years back, Gwen was all smiles, posing with the American flag, looking like a bright, happy patriotic American woman and athlete.

So, what happened to her? What changed?

Somewhere along the line, Gwen was radicalized, likely by BLM, and now, she’s deleting anything that shows her looking “patriotic” and loving her country.

Gwen just deleted her old happy/bright/patriotic blog.

How can you decide that you’re oppressed after you’ve reached so much success?

That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Shouldn’t you feel “oppressed” when you’ve tried like hell to get where you want to be, but people in positions of power have literally stood in your way and stopped you from achieving your dreams?

People like Gwen Berry, Colin Kaepernick, and LeBron James are the complete opposite of that – they’re actually living proof that this country is an amazing place that offers opportunities to everyone, so why are they so angry and radicalized?