Pennsylvania Tries to Get Ahead of Forensic Audit with “Voting Machines Directive”

While we wait for Maricopa County’s audit results, other states are planning similar audits.

One of them is Pennsylvania, and Democrats are freaking out.

Recent findings reveal a fresh “voting machines directive” in Pennsylvania, demonstrating that the fear in Washington is widespread.

The Pennsylvania Department of State quietly issued a directive preventing county election boards from collaborating with the Senate’s election audit in the middle of the night.

Pennsylvania responds fast to a ‘forensic’ election audit with a voting machine mandate.

Pennsylvania responds fast to a ‘forensic’ election audit by issuing a directive on voting equipment.

Democrats are stiflers of progress.
Pennsylvania responds fast to a ‘forensic’ election audit by issuing a directive on voting equipment.

The instruction, which we have below, specifies a couple things that unmistakably look like Democrats are attempting to sabotage the audit.

Electoral officials are not allowed to provide over election materials to third parties, according to the regulation.

Furthermore, any equipment turned over to a third party is not allowed to be used in another election.

Finally, it specifies that the state would not compensate counties for replacement equipment costs.

Why would the Justice Department be prepared to “strike back” against the Maricopa County audit and other similar audits?

Unless they’re concealing the worst crime of all time!

Do you recall the SQL software that was used in voting machines?

The SQL malware was discovered on Dominion Voting machines in Pennsylvania, as we reported last month.

This unapproved software might be used to steal elections, according to reports.

Anyone with access to the software can manipulate the votes in order to achieve the desired results.


The EAC does not certify SQL software.
Changes to SQL software can be made remotely #illegal

It was discovered by @mdeperno in Michigan and Pennsylvania @SenMastriano @MIGOP @PAGOP #WeThePeople demand a forensic audit under the state Constitution, which you promised to uphold.

— Josh Barnett (@BarnettforAZ) for Congress (AZ-06) on June 13, 2021