[VIDEO] Comic Bill Burr Goes on Anti-CNN Rant: “Treasonous UnAmerican Pieces of Sh*t”

Holy cow, this is the most epic and spot-on anti-CNN rant you’ll ever hear 🤣

Well, I think it’s pretty clear that comedian Bill Burr isn’t a big fan of the “losers” over at CNN, because, during his podcast, he ripped into them with the fury and fire of 1000 suns.

Burr, who is one of the last remaining “true” comedians, who refused to go “woke” or cave to the mob, didn’t hold anything back when he ripped into CNN for their continuing coverage of President Trump.

As you likely know by now, CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and have been flushed 100 times over, so it appears that they’re desperately trying to “whip” something up and recapture the frenzy from 2016 and beyond, by once again devoting as much time as humanly possible to President Trump.

After all, as Burr points out, nobody cares about Joe Biden, who is just some boring old senile fool who eats ice cream and naps all day.

Burr believes that CNN is now trying like hell to get Trump re-elected so they can get some ratings back.

But this rant goes far beyond that – Burr absolutely hates CNN and he delivers the best roasting of the disgraced cable news channel that you’ll ever hear.

Watch (Warning: very strong language):

The best comedy is always based on some bit of truth, and that’s why what Burr said is so good.

He really nailed it, didn’t he?