[VIDEO] Creative Trump Supporter Just Gave Jim Acosta’s New Show a Much-Needed “Makeover”.

Jim Acosta has never looked better ?

Jim Acosta is back and he’s just as desperate as ever.

He’s now the host of his very own show on CNN and he’s doing everything he can to try and scrape up some ratings.

But it’s not working, CNN is on life support.

However, that won’t stop Jimmy. He’s literally taking any situation and blowing it into a complete spectacle – all that’s missing is the dramatic organ music.

It’s the same theatrical, silly stuff that he did when belonged to the White House Press Corps.

It’s pretty comical to watch – Jim is such an easy target to make fun of.

And speaking of “making fun,” one Trump supporter just did a fantastic job of mocking Acosta’s show with this hilarious spoof video.

Little Jimmy got a makeover and it suits him perfectly.

You can watch the video below:

And it’s not just this video that’s putting Acosta in his place – these user’s comments were pretty brutal too:

“I keep playing the first two seconds, “I’m sorry”…oddly satisfying. Not enough, but it’s a start.”

“No respect when you start out with, “I’m sorry”.”

N”ever heard of him. What country is he from. English seams broken.”

“OMG. President Trump lives rent free in their heads. Trump is our president that’s why.”

“Want to increase ratings? Do your own investigative journalism and REPORT THE TRUTH…Seems simple huh?”

Who’s bright idea was it to give Jim his own show?

They would’ve been better off giving the guy who cleans the CNN toilets his own show.

Man, I can’t wait to see Jimmy’s ratings!