[VIDEO] Dems Try to Hold Presser On Amnesty, But “God” Steps in and Unleashes a Biblical Downpour

It’s like the Lord opened up the heavens and said, “NOT TODAY, COMMIE!” ?

We’re in a battle for the soul of America.

It’s a good vs evil battle, and it’s a biblical battle.

On one side you have the righteous God-fearing patriots and on the other side, the Godless degenerate communists.

And this war is filled with a lot of battles – some we’ve won, some they’ve won.

Some battles are big, while others are small, but in the end, they all matter.

And today’s “small” battle, was a win for the good guys…and it may have even gotten a bit “biblical.”

Dems decided to hold an outdoor presser pushing for amnesty – they’re desperate to build a whole new voting block since they’re alienating most of what they have now by being radical loons.

And during this planned presser, Senator Dick Durbin was trying to speak about flooding our country with illegal aliens when all of a sudden, the heavens opened up and unleashed a downpour that Noah himself would have been proud of.

I watched this clip, and I was laughing so hard – look at Dick Durbin’s face as the rain pelts him, and that goofy assistant of his, trying to hold that blowing umbrella.


God really does dislike commies.

You can watch the video below:

Ha ha ha, I love it.

The Lord really does work in mysterious and awesome ways.