[VIDEO] Former Top TV Anchor is Running for AZ Governor and Her New Ad Will Knock Your Socks Off…

Wait until you see who she actually is….this is pretty darn cool

Several months ago we reported on this amazing and brave top TV anchor out of Arizona, who one day, just up and left her lucrative position because she didn’t want to be a part of spreading any more fake news to innocent Americans.

Do you remember her?

Her name is Kari Lake and she was one of the most popular local AZ news hosts in the state. She worked at Fox 10, and out of nowhere, she called it quits.

She made this powerful recording when she decided to walk away.

Now, this amazingly brave woman is running for governor of Arizona.

And wait until you see this ad.

If anyone knows about the sneaky, lowdown dirty tactics the media uses, it’s this woman, and she’s calling them out big time.

Kari is taking a “sledgehammer” to media lies.

You can watch the video below:

I’ll tell you what this is a great “hook” for a candidate to use.

Because, as we all know, the media is literally an enemy of the people and they’re at the very root of all our problems.

And we also know that the current AZ governor, Doug Ducey is a RINO and he needs to go.

Let’s hope Kari’s message catches on.