[VIDEO] You Think You Know Ted Cruz, Right? Well, You’ve Never Seen Him Like THIS…

Ted Cruz turned into a different man here…he loosened the tie and started spitting fire, dammit 🔥

Just when you think you know Ted Cruz as the smart, snarky, funny, yet kinda “stiff” Texas Senator, he changes everything up and shows this passionate side that we’ve never seen before.

And I mean passionate…the dude was spitting fire, dang it.

We love it.

It all went down when Ted was going back and forth with AG Secretary Vilsak.

Ted went into another mode – he channeled his inner “America First” warrior and came out swinging a sword “Trump-style.”

It was quite a sight to behold.

And, to add to the festivities, Ted also managed to get the AG secretary to admit the truth:

The communist left doesn’t care one bit about the American people.

All they care about is stealing our tax dollars to pay for their new “illegal” voting base.

Dems don’t care about overcrowded schools and overflowing hospitals, and soaring crime rates that impact middle-class Americans. All they care about is power.

Well, Ted’s not having it…and he reminded the room exactly who he is, and who he isn’t when he dropped this little bomb:

“Let me be clear, I’m not Lindsey Graham. I understand that there have been Democrats and Republicans who support amnesty. I ain’t one of them.”

Ouch, sorry Lindsey, but he’s right.


This is the Ted that we love to see.

And this is the GOP that we need…passion, fire, and no holds barred.