Former Gov. Cuomo Aide Hints at Serious Trouble Coming For Brother Chris in Mysterious Tweet

Chris Cuomo looks like he could be in some serious trouble…

I think Chris Cuomo might be in some big trouble.

At least it looks that way after a cryptic tweet just dropped.

You might remember who Lindsey Boylan is – she is a former Governor Cuomo aide who accused him of sexual harassment.

Well, she took to Twitter and dropped a bomb about Andrew’s brother Chris Cuomo.

Apparently, Cuomo used all of his power at CNN to smear and destroy Lindsey – which really doesn’t fall in line with the #MeToo BS Chris pushes on his l0w-rated show.

But, it’s even more than that…

Lindsey also hinted that Chris has been in trouble – behind the scenes – with sexual harassment…and she claims to “know” all about it.


Here’s what Lindsey said: “Precursor: @ChrisCuomo used all his power, absolutely all his power (@cnn), to smear & try to destroy me. (In ways you haven’t heard). Sad. Curious minds would ask: is it bc he loves his brother or bc he also harassed & assaulted women. I’m not curious. I already know.

This isn’t really all that shocking.

We’ve heard rumors for a while now that Chris Cuomo has “sexual misconducts” in his closet.

Of course, would that be enough to destroy him?

Hard to tell.

His bother just got away with murder, so my guess would normally be “no.”

However, it seems like liberals care more about “sexual misconduct” against women than they do about killing old people, so he might actually get canceled.

Will be interesting to watch it play out.