Pennsylvania State Senator Mastriano Vows To Issue Subpoenas In Election Audit

A Republican Pennsylvania state senator is not getting the support he wants when it comes to investigating the 2020 election and now he is prepared to take action to get the cooperation he is seeking.

In an interview on One America News, Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who chairs the state Senate’s Intergovernmental Operations Committee, said he is prepared to issue subpoenas, The Epoch Times reported.

“We’re eagerly awaiting my committee coming together when I can get a quorum, get everyone’s calendars matched up—it is summertime. As soon as I get a quorum, we will have a meeting, we will vote on subpoenas, and let the fun begin,” he said.

Mastriano initiated a forensic probe of the 2020 and 2021 elections in early July by sending requests for materials like ballots and asking for access to machines, to Tioga, York, and Philadelphia counties.

But officials in all three counties are refusing to comply voluntarily, setting up the need for subpoenas.

Mastriano set a deadline of July 31 in his letters to the counties.

York County commissioners indicated in mid-July that they would not send materials to Mastriano, or give him access to voting machines. Tioga County officials said Thursday they wouldn’t let Mastriano’s panel access machines unless the state Senate authorized funding for new machines. And Philadelphia City Commissioners on Friday voted against voluntary participation in the audit.

“Philadelphia County’s participation in your proposed analysis would be duplicative of extensive efforts already undertaken by the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, the Pennsylvania Department of State, state and federal courts, and your colleagues in the Pennsylvania State Senate. Participation could also impair our ability to operate fair and secure elections in Philadelphia,”, Democrat commissioner Lisa Deeley said in a letter to Mastriano on July 30.

Earlier in July Mastriano announced that he would launch a “forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and 2021 Primary.”

“A forensic investigation of our election results and processes for the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary will go a long way to restore trust in our system. Voting is the fundamental right of all citizens. We should continually look for ways to improve the voting process to ensure every voice is heard,” he said.

“Today, as Chair of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, I issued letters to several counties requesting information and materials needed to conduct a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and the 2021 Primary,” the state senator said.

“We have asked these counties to respond by July 31st with a plan to comply. The counties represent different geographical regions of Pennsylvania and differing political makeups. Some are Republican while others are Democrat, which means that this will be a balanced investigation,” he said.

He highlighted the changes made to voting due to the pandemic and said that he did not believe that an election with those types of changes could be done sans any errors.

“It would defy logic to assume that an election with the kinds of drastic changes we saw in 2020 was run perfectly with zero errors or fraud,” Mastriano said.

“A full forensic investigation is critically necessary for our Commonwealth for the sake of transparency and accountability. There is nothing to fear if there is nothing to hide. Those who have concerns about the integrity of the 2020 and 2021 elections will have those concerns investigated and hopefully addressed. Those who think that there was zero voter fraud, no irregularities, and that the elections were conducted perfectly will have the chance to be vindicated,” he added.

When the Pennsylvania legislature reconvenes there is going to be fireworks.