[VIDEO] ABC News Just Threw Joe Biden Under The Bus For His Lousy Handling of COVID

ABC News is at their wits end with Joe and his COVID mess…

Dems and their cohorts in the media like to talk about how right-wingers spread “misinformation” online – it’s a big talking point for them, and how Joe Biden has excused away his own mishandling of the COVID situation.

Biden claims that right-wing social media accounts are sharing misinformation and that’s the reason why so many Americans are hesitant to get the vaccine.

This is his lame attempt at an excuse, but it’s not true. Sure, some people may be influenced by a meme or a fringe article, but the vast majority of people are put off by Biden and the Dems who have spent the past year politicizing this virus, flip-flopping on issues, spreading misinformation and a confusing message, demonizing people, and getting caught over and over not following the mandates that they enact and force others to follow.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for liberals to understand why a huge percentage of Americans would feel suspicious about this vaccine.

Especially now, after Biden sold it to the country like it would provide “immunity,” when in fact, that’s not true.  He told everyone if they took the jab, they could remove the mask and go back to normal.

Most people believed that to mean that they were “immune” to COVID.

They’re not immune…and they can still infect their loved ones – even if they’re vaccinated.

There are vaccinated people in the hospital – as we speak – with COVID.

More confusion, more mistrust, more people seeing this unfold, and saying, “no thank you.”

Honestly, the entire COVID situation has turned into a three-ring circus for Joe and the folks over at ABC news just heaved him under the bus, and then backed over him a few times.

You can watch the video below:

Everything Joe and the Dems touches turn to crap.

The border is a disaster, the economy sucks, gas prices soaring, crime is off the charts, and now this confusing COVID disaster.

I am convinced that the Dems can’t lead or operator because they’re so politically radical and polarized…and tanks to a flood of questionable “mail-in” ballots, we’re the ones who are suffering through this nightmare.