[VIDEO] War Room Warning: Federal Agencies Have Successfully Infiltrated Mike Lindell’s “Inner-Circle”

War Room says Lindell’s inner-circle has been “breached” by “bad government actors”

Dave Clements a law professor who’s been working with Lindell on the 2020 election and trying to get to the bottom of it, appeared with Bannon on the War Room to discuss the latest.

Clements says that federal agencies (bad actors) have 100 percent infiltrated Mike Lindell’s “inner circle,” referring to NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. – the usuals.

He goes on to say that they’ve been trying to break into his inner circle for months, and have finally succeeded in getting “plants” inside.

Clements even said that during the 3-day election symposium, that 2 actual “plants” were there and were trying to get into their “hacker room” and leak information.

You can watch the video below (comments on the “breach” start around the 3:00 mark, but I encourage you to listen to the entire clip):

Ya gotta ask yourself something: If Mike Lindell is such a so-called “kook,” and everything he’s saying is such “hogwash” why is he surrounded by federal agencies and left-wing press?

In other words, why is the left giving this so much “air” if there’s nothing “there/there?”