Randy Quaid Just Made The Best Observation About Biden and His “Trusted” Taliban Friends in Viral Tweet

Yes! THIS is IT…Randy Quaid nails it with this perfect observation about Joe and his “trusted” Taliban buddies…

Joe Biden’s terrible fraudulent presidency” is coming to a head, just 7-months in…6 1/2 months too late, but still, better than nothing.

You’ll recall back when this inept buffoon was installed into the White House, he had a battalion of US military there to “protect” him from evil Trump supporters.

And don’t forget, just before this mess erupted in Afghanistan, Biden admin released a list of their “top terror” threats, which included: people who question Covid treatments and anyone who questions the ssham 2020 election.

In other words: Trump supporters.

AKA: Patriotic Americana who pay this buffoon’s salary.

et, even so, Joe Biden will work closely with a bloodthirsty terror group, and even let them “call the shots,” while he treats half of America like terrorists themselves, simply because they don’t vote the way he wants them to.

That’s the very good point actor Randy Quaid brought up in a brilliant tweet that’s gone viral.

Here’s what he said: “Biden trusts a foreign group of terrorists that decapitates people, but distrusts half the citizens of his own country.”

Randy is spot-on correct, yet again.

Joe Biden and the Dems have so much hate and contempt for their fellow Americans, it’s not even funny…but yet, they offer so much understanding, hope, and empathy for a pack of brutal killers.

Just imagine what this county would be like if Joe Biden treated Trump supporters with only a fraction of the respect that he affords bloodthirsty terrorists?