[VIDEO] Justin Trudeau Stays Barricaded in His Campaign Bus, Scared to Face Irate Crowd

Justin should have put on his “blackface” that he was once so proud of, and snuck out of the bus…

Things are not looking good for “woke” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is out on the campaign trail, meeting a lot of really pissed-off Canadians.

Things got so bad, Justin had to actually hide in his tour bus and cancel his event.

Reuters reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plunged back into campaigning on Monday after unusually vocal protesters disrupted his election rallies and forced him to cancel an event.

Trudeau, whose ruling Liberals are tied in polls with their Conservative rivals ahead of the Sept. 20 vote, spoke to media in the Quebec town of Granby on Monday but did not refer to the weekend unrest.

In highly unusual scenes for Canada, demonstrators in the Ontario towns of Bolton on Friday and Cambridge on Sunday shouted death threats and screamed abuse at Trudeau, many referring to his push for COVID-19 vaccinations.

The crowd in Cambridge made his announcement on Sunday of climate change policies difficult to hear.

Trudeau’s team took the rare decision to cancel a rally planned near Bolton on Friday, saying the protests could endanger public safety. A senior Trudeau aide said the Liberal leader did not plan to make changes to avoid similar confrontations.

You can watch the video below (warning language):

Imagine if Joe Biden got out there and really tried to “meet the people.” My God, he’d be tarred and feathered – but that’s more because of what a failure he is at home and abroad.

Justin is taking a brutal beating because of his COVID tyranny…Joe hasn’t gone there yet – he’s hoping states and corporations will do the dirty work for him.

People have had enough of the government taking their lives away for “sport.”

None of these political elites seem to be all that worried about COVOD – they’re having parties, going on vacation, making tons of money, while the peasants suffer.