[VIDEO] Nurse Films Hospital Officials Trying to Throw Her Out After She Refused to Take The Vax

Wow. How quickly nurses went from “heroes” to villains just because they won’t take the vaccine.

Now, instead of celebrating these women and men for the sacrifices they made, Joe Biden is demonizing them, liberals suddenly hate them, and hospitals are literally throwing them off the property.

One nurse in Bowling Green, Kentucky actually filmed the altercation between herself and hospital officials…and it’s shameful how she was treated.

She was treated as if she were a leper…all thanks to Joe Biden, who’s done more to pit us against each other than any so-called “president” ever has.

Journalist Scott Morefield makes a great point here:

“I don’t want to hear a word – NOT ONE WORD – about hospitals being overwhelmed. They are doing this to themselves.”

You can watch the video below:

Shameful how they treated her. I’d hate to get ant “care” from that evil hospital.

But it’s not just this nurse.

We’re starting to see a lot of this pop-up with nurses.

This nurse is also refusing the vax, but she is getting COVID tested on her own time.

She says that she has natural immunity.

Here’s what she said: “Instead of being in bed rn after my Noc shift, I am again stuck in a line waiting to get a Covid test because I refuse to take the vaccine when I have natural immunity. #FuckVaccimeMandates”

And we’re now hearing word that so many nurses quit at an upstate NY hospital that they had to pause baby deliveries.

An upstate New York hospital said it will pause the delivery of babies in two weeks because of a spate of resignations by maternity unit workers who are objecting to COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

It’s going to get a lot worse before this gets better.

We need to support all of these people who are strong enough to stand up for their principles and beliefs.

They’re heroes.