[VIDEO] NYC Firefighters and Cops Cheer as President Trump Makes Surprise Visit on 9/11

Listen to all that love from the FDNY and NYPD for President Trump on 9/11

President Trump is a man of the people, that’s why average Americans love him so much, and the elites and globalists hate him.

And on this somber day, marking the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, President Trump made a surprise visit to see NYC firefighters and cops.

And let me tell you, the reception was YUGE.

Check out this amazing photo Dan Scavino shared of President Trump with the NYPD.

They love him, and you know that he loves and respects them so much.

And the NYC firefighters were so excited to see him, they clapped and cheered and took photos.

You can watch the videos below:

President Trump also joked around with the firefighters about cops. Was nice to see.

Later, one NYPD officer asked President Trump if he was going to run again:

President Trump also told the NYPD that if they had good leadership, NYC could be straightened out in a week.

I saw this picture of President Trump after 9/11 online and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a great pic of a man who’s always loved his country.

I gotta say, honestly, if Joe Biden did this – went out and just chatted with cops and firefighters, he’d likely get booed – and he likely wouldn’t be able to actually “chat” since he can’t seem to talk very well on his own.

This is why I believe his Handlers keep him so shielded and away from any potential “sticky” situations…they know, especially now, that the American people don’t want him around.

But as you can see, people love it when President Trump is out and about.