[VIDEO] President Trump Just Came Up With a New Phrase For “Being Woke” And It’s Better Than His Last One

President Trump absolutely nailed the “woke💩”…AGAIN 🤣

President Trump has just been on fire lately.

With Biden quickly becoming the most hated man in America, there’s been a large outpouring of support and love for President Trump and he’s just soaking it all up and returning the same love and support back to the country.

Trump’s been making the media rounds a lot too, and he just had one heck of an epic interview with Gregg Gutfeld – who by the way, just took over the late-night ratings – and during the interview, Trump really let loose and put the loony left in their place.

If you remember a while back at one of his rallies, President he made a statement about “being woke.” Trump very aptly said that “Everything woke turns to shi*t.”

Well, he’s got another one…another take on what it’s like to be “woke,” and well, he may have just topped the last one with this doozy.

Watch this clip, it’s a great interview…and you’ll love the “woke” stuff”:

And as usual, President Trump is right on the money, and never misses a beat.

This absurdly goofy woke culture is dragging the country and future generations down into a bizarre and idiotic belief system, erasing almost all the sanity that’s left in this country.

And it’s amazing to see because these woke freaks – or “losers” as Prez says, are a small, loud fringe group…but the reason why they get traction is that they have Hollywood on their side – so, movies, TV, and commercials, and as a result of that, they also have corporate America on their side.

So, this gives off the illusion that they’re very powerful when in reality, they are not.

The second that the “majority” rises up and says a collective “NO,” all of this stops.