President Biden Slips Democrat Goody Into Bill – They Are Quietly Creating An ‘Amnesty Pipeline’

It’s no secret that Biden and the Democrats allow unchecked migration to boost illegal labor. But it’s not just blue-collar workers getting the shaft. Time and again, Democrats push policies that hurt Americans from all backgrounds.

Sure, those folks flowing across the Southern border will take jobs from laborers, construction workers, and hourly wage workers. But that’s not good enough for Democrats, who bow to the wishes of the globalist elite.

Because their latest scheme will ensure a pipeline of workers will take jobs away from middle-class Americans.

From Breitbart:

The Democrats’ proposed amnesty for migrants creates a hidden pipeline for U.S. employers to flood more cheap foreign graduates into millions of middle-class careers needed by American graduates…

…it boosts investors by dramatically expanding the flow of cheap workers, government-funded consumers, and room-sharing renters into the U.S. economy…

The expanded foreign worker pipeline will remain open until at least September 2031, even though many millions of Americans will need jobs during the next ten years after they graduate with debts and degrees.

Biden and his Democrats are doing more with their toxic amnesty bill. If it gets through, blue-collar workers won’t be the only ones hurting. This bill will create a pipeline for big businesses to import more cheap laborers.

The bill will allow companies like Zuckerberg’s to welcome millions of foreign workers that will take middle-class jobs. And this will be going on until 2031, just as millions of Americans graduate college.

This means that students who bust their butts earning college degrees in healthcare, accounting, teaching, business, design, science, tech, or engineering will have to compete with outsiders. And all these outsiders will have an edge because they will be seeking lower salaries.

(Because, of course, they don’t have the same crushing student loan debt and they will be taking government welfare.)

Companies will be allowed to offer green cards to these immigrants, who will automatically get jobs in companies across America. American citizens struggling to find work? They are on their own.

Hey, I thought Biden was supposed to be a president for the people? Aren’t Democrats the party of the “little guy”? So, why are they passing bills that help rich, corrupt businesses take jobs from regular Americans?

Under President Trump, companies were encouraged to hire American workers. His strict immigration policies and protections at the border not only helped blue-collar workers but middle-class Americans as well.

But if Biden has his way, all bets are off. Everyone from accountants to graphic designs will be out of luck.