[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Tried to Say “Pandemic,” But What Actually Came Outta Her Mouth Causes Quite a Stir

Yikes 👀 is this the most awkward and accurate Freudian slip ever made?? 😂


Jen Psaki probably wishes she could get this slip-up back because it was a doozy.

As you know, many Americans remain very suspicious of the COVID pandemic.

And not everyone is a “kook” about it, either. I think by now most people realize that yes, COVID is a real virus.

I have had it twice – and no, I didn’t have just a “cold” or a “flu.” It was definitely something very different.

But, do I think the virus has been politicized and used in nefarious ways?


Don’t even get me started on the Died WITH and Died FROM COVID numbers – those tell the real tale about this “pandemic.”

A lot of things don’t “add up,” and saying that doesn’t make you a tinfoil-hat kook.

And because of a lot of the strange things that have gone on, the flip-flops, and anti-science stuff, many people have started calling COVID a “PLANdemic” instead of a PANdemic – signifying the notion that our politicians and shadowy unelected officials have been cooking up the virus hysteria behind closed doors.

So, you can imagine the eyebrows that were raised when Jen Psaki slipped up and called it by that very name.


You can watch the video below:

Jen will never live that one down, and now even more people will avoid taking the vaccine.