Maricopa County Caved

Maricopa County agreed to a settlement with the Arizona State Senate. This comes as next Friday we will get the results of the Arizona audit.

There has been a settlement between the Arizona State Senate and Maricopa County.

It’s important to understand the State Senate is the main force driving the state’s forensic audits & they will now have someone they deem as trustworthy dealing with the routers.

Summary: We won. They dropped their $2.8 meaningless claim for the machine replacement. We get the routers and spunk logs. Cyber Ninjas has full access. Maricopa caved.

HUGE win for the Az Senate today! Maricopa settlement gives us all the data needed to complete the review of the routers & splunk log to the most comprehensive election audit in history. We got everything we need and more. Maricopa County goes home with its tail between its legs