After Shocking AZ Audit Results Are Presented, State Senator Calls For Election to Be Decertified

The AZ election audit has revealed some very stunning and alarming information…

The media went into overdrive today, spinning the results of the AZ audit, claiming “nothing to see here, Biden won” before the results were even presented.

When they do stuff like that, doesn’t it just make you think more than ever that something is totally fishy?

Well, you don’t need to rely on the mainstream media for those “fishy” vibes – not this time…

Now that the full AZ audit report has been presented, you can see for yourself what went on.

And yes, the info they present is very damning – so much so, that State Senator Wendy Rogers wants the election decertified.

And it all hinges on 17.000+ duplicate votes.

In addition, Wendy also wants to know thousands of these “scribbles and blanks” were approved on ballots.

And this is more of what Wendy is talking about when she calls to “decertify the election.”

The key here is also that 25% of the dup mail-in ballots came in late – sometimes DAYS after the election was over.

Again, here are the duplicate ballots that were discovered in the audit and the 25% that came after the election was over.

And they arrived well after election day…this is a huge problem, I’d say.

And of course, this sort of stuff was happening as well:


All in all, after this, I can see why the media tried to come out and throw cold water all over the situation…it sounds pretty damning.

Let’s see what happens next, if anything. I don’t think the good people of Arizona will stand for this.

But will the politicians do the right thing? That’s the question.