Opinion: Desperate and Unpopular Joe Biden Unleashes His Newest “Big Lie” to Reboot His Failed “Presidency”

Nothing like a “big lie” to add some much-needed drama and spice to your failed “presidency”

Authoritarians use the Big Lie all the time. The Nazis used it when they said the cause of their problems was the Jews. The Soviets used it when they said that man-made utopia was just around the corner.

The Democrats have used the Big Lie consistently throughout their history. It was there when they said one person could own another. They used it in Jim Crow, in the moral equivalency argument of the Cold War, in the Great Society’s boast (much like the never-coming Soviet utopia) that poverty, racism, and disease could be eradicated. The list goes on. This is a political party based on lies. And once more, lies the Democrats know to be lies.

We can now add another to the list, the Border Patrol whip. We’ve all seen the pictures. Even the man who took the shot said he never saw anyone being whipped. The photographic evidence is overwhelming, blatantly so, that the Border Patrol agents were merely using their reins. But that doesn’t stop the Democrats from claiming otherwise and in such deploying another of their Big Lies, maybe their biggest these days, the race card.

We’re hearing from Biden, Harris, and all the usual suspects that the picture is reminiscent of how slaves were treated. However, slaves were trying to run away. The Haitians in question were doing the opposite. They were trying to get in. It doesn’t matter. Democrats took one look at the skin color of the Haitians and were off to the races, to spark a pun. Press lapdogs are following in the Democrat wake.

How can they suspend reality so easily? Well, Churchill once said that during wartime the truth is so vital it must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies. The Democrats don’t see politics as the open discourse and elections of a free people. They see it as a war to eventually install an authoritarian socialist regime. Thus to them, anything, any lie or any crime, is justified for the greater mission. They are badly educated robots, devoid of reason. Hence why no scruples, nor logic, get in the way of their actions. They slink along in the political mud, slack-jawed and eyes glazed over, hoping to find dark tidbits from the depths of ignorance and bias with which to manipulate the public.

Why don’t Republicans fight fire with fire? Because Republicans and conservatives tend to be normal people with normal lives and appetites. Oh, there are exceptions. But that is the general lay of the land. Where Democrats have at the base of their soul a ravenous and insatiable greed for power over others, conservatives have family, career, and faith. Those anchors usually preclude them from lying to the point of absurdity. But on this whip fantasy and so much else, Democrats and the left will gleefully use the Big Lie. It’s all they know and all they have left.