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The NEPA and the new deadly viruses.

Nipah virus represents a zoonotic virus that can be spread from animals to humans. The contagion primarily appeared in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999. However, the new outbreak is typical for various parts of Asia like Bangladesh and India.

Many symptoms are expected for this disease, among which is death. The contagion can be spread in three main ways:

  • Direct contact with infected animals or the fluids from their bodies (like blood, pee, or saliva)
  • Food contaminated with infected animals’ body fluids
  • Close contact with an infected person or their body fluids (like nasal or respiratory droplets, pee, or blood)

The infected people with the NEPA virus could be asymptomatic, and they will not have any symptoms indicating their infection.

However, the typical symptoms will appear within 4 to 14 days since the infection. Some of the signs are fever, headache, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

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