[VIDEO] Creepy Joe Appears To Sniff Another Little Girl’s Hair – “They Don’t Let Me Drive Anymore”

So gross the way he does that creepy whisper

Joe Biden has a long history of behaving inappropriately with children.

This time it’s another little girl that he bends over and whispers creepily to, rubs her head, and whispers creepily.

Also, note that he’s maskless.

“I used to love to drive. They don’t let me drive anymore. And I had beautiful Corvette sitting in my garage.” – Joe Biden

We’re surprised that Joe’s handlers even let him around children anymore since it seems that he behaves as he does every time he is.

Lots of people would never let him around their children at all.

Here are some of the comments about this from around the internet …

“He is the guy I warned my kids about when they were growing up.”

“Sniffy snifferton at it again. That little child isn’t impressed by your Corvette. She is probably scared to death.”

“They don’t let me drive, but I can lead the nation. Right.”

“I think it’s very creepy that parents would allow him to do that to their children. Those who don’t protect the kids and don’t call him out on his actions are as creepy as he is.”

“How is he allowed to get away with this?? What if a teacher, a stranger (which he is to these children), does this? They’d be fired, accused of some kind of child abuse.”

“Predators always cross personal boundaries as they believe they are entitled. It’s also their way of finding out just how much they are allowed to “get away with.” Parents, beware!”

“I’d ask about where his mask is, but we all know it’s really difficult to sniff wearing a mask. It just defeats the whole purpose.”

That’s the second inappropriate touching incident from Biden, just in this past week alone.