VIDEO: Bannon Says Biden’s Presidency Ended Last Night, But Now, He’s More “Dangerous” Than Ever

Last night was a bad scene for the Dems. It couldn’t have played out worse for them, actually. And nobody but the Dems was all that surprised. I saw this coming from a mile away – I was just worried about cheating. The country hates Joe Biden (Let’s Go Brandon), and they’re sick of the Dems radical and loony policies. Think about this, Joe Biden doesn’t care that you’re paying $13 bucks for a package of bacon, or $4 dollars for a gallon of gas… all he’s focused on is AOC’s elitist Green New Deal… something that is costly, absurd and built on elitism and hysteria, not science. So, it was no shock to me or most Republicans that Terry McAuliffe, and many other Dems in other states, went down in a ball of flames. I am shocked we didn’t see more cheating, though.

The losses were par for the course.

And speaking of Virginia, one of the reasons Youngkin won, was because President Trump endorsed him, and pushed hard for MAGA to come out and vote for him.

That’s what Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington said when she joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the Virginia election, and of course, Bannon agreed.

But what I found most interesting is what Bannon said about what these elections mean in terms of Biden and his so-called “presidency.”

Bannon didn’t pull any punches, he said that Biden’s “presidency” ended last night in Virginia.

But that’s not all “good news.” Because now that “lame-duck” Biden is trapped in a corner, he and his radical Handlers are more dangerous than ever.

Here’s what Steve said: “Biden’s presidency ended last night. He’s a lame duck. We told you this was going to happen. The knives are out right now. These radicals out there are going to become more dangerous. They’re like wounded animals.”


I think Steve is right on the money, because Biden is already moving full-steam ahead with his unpopular “Build Back Better” plan.

But while the Handlers and the radicals in the Dem Party might want to push things through, Biden is going to run into a problem with fellow Dems who are in purple states.

It’s going to be very hard for them to saddle up with Biden after they just watched Terry McAuliffe get his butt handed to him in a blue state.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but we need to make damn sure that we hold every Republican accountable and beholden to our side.