Dinesh D’Souza Uncovers Chilling Pattern of Tweets From a Certain Group of Left-Wing Celebrities

Do you ever wonder how the left pushes out their propaganda message online? Well, it’s not by chance or happenstance, it appears to be a very well-coordinated effort that is spread by “famous foot soldiers” with massive followings. At least that’s what Dinesh D’Souza has uncovered recently when he examined a grouping of tweets from 8 prominent online celebrities. The group, comprising Rosanna Arquette, LeVar Burton, George Takei, Morgan J. Freeman, Mohamad Safa, Rex Chapman, Marc Lamont Hill, and Jon Copper all sent out the same tweet regarding Kyle Rittenhouse.

The tweet read: “I want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.”

They sent the tweets out on November 22-23, 2020 at different times of the morning and afternoon.

Here’ what Dinesh said: “How creepy is this? Someone comes up with the line and a whole bunch of prominent leftists simply parrot it. This is collectivism of the mind, a “herd of independent thinkers” syndrome”

Now, many on the left will argue, that this isn’t creepy at all, people on the right say “Let’s Go Brandon” and other things in unison as well.

Well, I’d argue that it’s much different when a group of people comes together organically, and pushes something to go viral, versus typing out the same propaganda line, word-for-word, and feeding it to the masses.

“LGB” is a nationwide phenomenon, because it’s “real,” not because a few D-list celebrities with large followings manufactured it on Twitter.

But if that’s not enough to convince you of a vast difference, allow me to show you how the legacy media is also doing the same thing, on the same topic: Rittenhouse.

Look at what Human Events editor Jack Posobiec posted, saying, “I see the 3am talking points went out today”

Notice how the media is collectively using the term “lone survivor” to describe the man who was shot after he pointed a loaded gun at Kyle’s head. That term is very significant for messaging and narrative.

It tells you that 1) the guy is a survivor, which is another term for “hero,” and 2) it paints Kyle like a mass murderer, where ONE LONE SURVIVOR made it out alive.

The term “Lone survivor” carries with it a lot of weight.

There’s a “right-wing” war movie called “Lone Survivor” which is the survival story of former Navy Seal and American hero Marcus Luttrell.

So, the term “lone survivor” has a lot of emotional meaning to it, and it’s being used here purposefully and shrewdly by the media.

Clearly, the left is looking to get their message out that Kyle is a “bad guy.” He’s a “domestic terrorist.”

When in reality, he’s a young kid chased down by a convicted pedophile and a convicted woman-abuser and shot both men dead in self-defense. And the so-called “lone survivor” was shot when he pointed his gun at Kyle’s head.

And he admitted to it during the trial:

So, this is just another opportunity to pit Americans against one another and keep the cycle of constant in-fighting going, and it’s being perpetuated by the media and Twitter’s D-list celebrity brigade.