NYT REPORT: Overflowing Trash and Rats Spotted Outside United Nations Recent Climate Change Conference

World Leaders and Climate Change celebrities hopped on their private jets and spewed CO2 into the atmosphere while heading to Scotland to warn about the dangers of climate change. They held the conference in Glasgow, and while the city looked shiny and lovely on the outside, the underbelly didn’t fare so well. According to a New York Times report, there was garbage overflowing in dumpsters and rats were running wild.

The Daily Wire reported that as world leaders came together at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, mounds of trash reportedly continued to pile up “just a short way” from the global summit.

The New York Times reported, “Outside the gleaming center of Scotland’s largest city, dumpsters and trash cans are overflowing.” According to the outlet, “The city’s rat population has surged, with four garbage workers hospitalized because of attacks over the past five months. And litter is strewn across streets.”

Fly-tippers have been discarding rubbish underneath the M8 motorway, among other places in the city, including construction waste, bathtubs, and general household waste.

The Times described the scene as “… the reality of today’s throwaway society,” made worse by an eight-day strike staged by the city’s garbage collectors that concluded on Monday. Workers complained about low pay, disrespectful treatment from management, and adverse working conditions. They threatened another work stoppage before Christmastime if pay raises are not granted.

It’s understandable when many people descend on one area that garbage and whatnot will increase. I don’t think that’s a shocker. But what is alarming to many people, is how we’re shamed day after day for “overconsumption” and pollution to the earth, but the elites who are shaming us peasants don’t appear to always practice what they preach, right?

This also isn’t shocking; the elites have behaved the same way regarding COVID lockdowns and mandates. We’ve all seen them break the rules tons of times.

“Rules for thee, but not for me,” seems to be a real theme among these folks