[VIDEO] London Reporter Shares “Real Reason” Harry and Megan Were Asked to Leave Friends House After Moving to US

Meghan Markle has earned herself a reputation for being a rude, elitist snob who treats the “help” like garbage. This is rather ironic since Meghan was a relatively unknown D-list actress before she sunk her claws into Harry. The biggest thing Meghan had done was an embarrassingly dumb Canadian show called “Suits.” I had never even heard of her until she splashed on the “Royal scene.”

However, now that the “opportunistic” Meghan has hitched her rickety wagon to a platinum horse and carriage she’s off to the races.

And even though Meghan comes from very humble beginnings, and she has an uninspired acting resume, she still apparently can’t help putting on airs…and not only that but Meghan is portrayed as a “master manipulator.” And nowhere is that more glaringly obvious than with a letter Meghan wrote to her father just before she and Harry tied the knot. She wrote the letter to ask her father to stop talking to the press about her and the Royals.

Well, come to find out, Meghan called him “Daddy” in the letter, for one reason only. She thought if it got leaked to the press, that term would tug on people’s heartstrings.

Here’s what The Mirror said about the letter:

Meghan Markle called her father daddy in a letter to pull on people’s heartstrings if it was leaked, it’s claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex told a former aide a handwritten letter to her estranged father was “drafted with the understanding that it could be leaked”, the Court of Appeal has heard.

Jason Knauf, who was communications secretary to Meghan and Harry until March 2019, said the duchess had indicated to him in August of the previous year that she recognised it was possible that her father, Thomas Markle, would make the letter public.

Mr Knauf said in his written evidence: “She also asked a specific question regarding addressing Mr Markle as ‘daddy’ in the letter, saying ‘given I’ve only ever called him daddy it may make sense to open as such (despite him being less than paternal), and in the unfortunate event that it leaked it would pull at the heartstrings’.”

Mr Knauf said Meghan had “deliberately ended each page part way through a sentence so that no page could be falsely presented as the end of the letter”.

Mr. Knauf, who’s mentioned about is also the man who claimed that Meghan “bullied” staff when she arrived at the palace – so much so, that people actually quit their jobs because of her.

The palace is still investigating those claims. Meghan says it’s all lies, and she’s being “set up.”

But that leads us to another little nugget that I discovered in this brief clip from a political reporter from London.

You’ll recall, when Harry and Meghan first ditched the Royals and move to America, they stayed at a “friends” house for a short time.

Well, according to Calvin Robinson, the reason that Harry and Meghan’s stay with the friend was so short, was because of how poorly the TWO of them treated the staff.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t think Harry is the innocent chap turned nasty by an evil wife. I have a feeling that Harry is equally snobby and elitist as his wife is.

There is nothing viler than the elites treating their help like garbage and then taking to the airwaves or social media to tell all us commoners how bigoted and racist we are.

And the real kicker is that we have these two pompous elites butting their big, rich noses into US politics.

I wish Meghan would hurry and meet a rich Hollywood producer, so she can divorce Harry. That way he can move back home, and she can star in 3 blockbuster flops and never heard from again.