Americans Outraged Over Biden’s Latest Move Regarding Christmas Parade Massacre

What happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin was a terror attack. I don’t care what the fake media and politicized officials say.  The domestic terrorist who mowed down those innocent Americans at that Christmas parade had a dark and violent past. Darrell Brooks’ social media posts showed he did not like white people, and he supported Marxist BLM and other radical groups. Mr Brooks was also convicted of making bomb threats.

The 39-year-old was convicted of calling in a bomb threat to a Nevada casino in March 2007. According to Daily Mail, Brooks was hit with a misdemeanor for conspiring to disturb the peace when he made the call to the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada.

He was put on probation following the incident and banned from the casino for life. There are no details about his reason for calling in the bomb threat.

Bomb threats and then an old ISIS-tactic by using his van to kill innocent people…

If it walks, talks, and acts like a terrorist, it’s probably a terrorist.

But the media can’t say that, because they’re too busy once again trying to convince everyone in America that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat we’re facing.

Look what CNN is pushing:

This division that the left and the media are pushing is just stomach-turning. There’s good and bad in everyone, and painting one race to be the “most dangerous” is absurd and does nothing but divide. President Trump was right. The media truly is the enemy of the people.

And to make matters even worse, Americans now feel as if Joe Biden snubbed the victims in Waukesha. He took off for his vacation at a billionaire’s pad, without going to Wisconsin to meet with the victims.

Here are comments from people online:

“Well, that’s because they’ve already had their representatives and handlers hard at work there for at least several days.”

“Waukesha doesn’t fit that selected President’s narrative ..”

“Looks like we skipped right past socialism straight to communism. Only took a year.”

“In Brandon’s defense, he’s been busy blowing out britches around the globe as of late. Dude’s gotta be running low on pants at this point and can’t spare a clean-up crew.”

“Did they check the election stats first to see how many in #Waukesha voted for Biden? It’s obvious that this administration doesn’t consider people that voted for Trump as human beings”

“He doesn’t want to offend criminals by showing concern for non people of color.”

“Has Harris started the bail fund yet?”

Remember when Joe Biden claimed he would “unite” the country?

What a joke.

I never thought I’d see the nation more divided than when Obama was in office, but remarkably, Biden has done it.

He’s created more division and anger in his first 10 months than Obama did in 8-long miserable years.