Smug ER Doctor Uses a Pumpkin Pie to Shame Unvaccinated and It Backfires In His Face

Doctors are on social media making idiots of themselves over this virus. I saw a tweet today – it’s been deleted – but it was from a doctor who took a picture of a “Thanksgiving table” with an empty seat, and she said she lost a family member, so one seat would be empty at the table… she then says she didn’t lose them to cancer or a heart attack – she lost them to “misinformation” about the COVID vaccine, and they’re not welcome in her home.

I can’t tell you the amount of backlash this doctor got from the public. It was so bad; she deleted the dumb tweet.

It’s amazing to watch these vaccinated folks get really smug and all high and mighty when so many vaccinated people are catching and transmitting the virus.

It’s so bad, they need a booster.

I mean, technically, the double-vaccinated are “unvaccinated” if they don’t have their booster shot, right?

I think it’s safe to say this entire COVID situation is a cluster-bleep, and “science” and the medical profession have taken an enormous hit because of it.

People don’t trust doctors and scientists as they used to, and that’s sad.

But it’s because of idiots like this ER doctor Josh Trebach, who used a pumpkin pie to shame the unvaccinated and it backfired in his smug face.

Here’s what the quack said in a tweet: “if you’re at Thanksgiving and someone says their decision to not get vaccinated doesn’t affect anyone else, cut your slice of pie like this to demonstrate how that is very untrue”

He then posted a photo of a pumpkin pie sliced stupidly.

I don’t even know what this guy was trying to convey. But he sure got an earful from folk online:

“Doctors are out here ruining their careers one dumbass tweet at a time.”

“Last Christmas, my extended family got together in a small house and we were all unmasked, unvaccinated, laughing and having a marvelous time. Except for one of my COVIDIOT cousins who insisted that she and her children remain masked up and outdoors. You people are insane.”

“Vaccinated people still spread covid and at the same rate as unvaccinated. Your not protecting anyone, your just being self righteous.”

“I’m confused! Is this supposed to reflect the selfishness of the self righteous trying to force others to do what they don’t want to do or in fact need to do?”

“I thought the data that’s come out is that the vaccine didn’t help with lowering transmittance, it only helped reduce your own symptoms. Is that incorrect?”

“This analogy shows why it’s a bad idea to do this to pie. That’s all it shows”

I don’t know if these clowns are getting paid by Big Pharma to write these cringe-worthy tweets.

But if they are, they must be making a lot of money, because I can’t imagine anyone that would want this idiot as a doctor, trying to “heal” them from disease.

The tweet was getting so many negative comments that the doctor turned off the replies.

I guess this didn’t turn out how he hoped.