[VIDEO] Granholm’s Hands Start Waving Wildly, As She Fumbles Easy Question From Press

Why is everyone in Biden’s admin a complete and total buffoon? Doesn’t it feel that way? It’s as if the Handlers have placed every nincompoop on the planet into an official role, and just let them run wild. Nobody appears to know what they’re doing. And while I agree, that much of this destruction is purposeful, I want to caution everyone who thinks this is an admin of cunning evil geniuses. They’re not. Especially when you have somebody like Jennifer Granholm as “secretary of energy.” She was one of the worst governors Michigan has ever had, and that’s saying a lot, considering the dummy who’s in office right now.

Granholm is another woman, out of her league, just like Kamala.

She’s pretending to be an expert on energy, yet he can’t answer even the most basic questions.

Instead, when she’s asked simple questions she can’t answer, she rambles and waves her hands like a wild woman.

So, if the US uses approximately 20 million barrels a day, Biden is releasing two days’ worth. That’ll bring the price of gas down about 5 cents for a couple of days.

Are these people insane? Well, Senator Kennedy thinks so.


Here’s what folks online had to say about Granholm’s ineptitude.

“The best thing I ever learned at Mass Debate Camp was if you want to be taken seriously, never talk with your hands”

“The dumbest administration EVER!!!!”

“Why does the USA Energy Secretary not know the answer to that question?”

“This is what happens when you lie on your resume”

“The Keystone II pipeline would have provided 830,000 barrels of oil per day to Texas refineries.”

“Some people might think the secretary of energy should just know this stuff and not need to read it off a cue card”

“Why is this administration so misinformed?”

“Anyone in the Biden administration are proven idiots. Proof in the pudding. !!! The Democrats way ! Lead from behind, try to fix issues they created !!!!! Never for America!!! Ever!”

“How can the US sec of energy not know that answer immediately. Without notes.”

“Fake elections have consequences” 

And you know what they say about people who use their hands too much when they talk: large and exaggerated hand gestures show that you are chaotic or out of control.