Dan Crenshaw Confirms Biden Shocker – It’s Happening Now

(breitbart) – During a Wednesday appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed the Biden administration over the growing inflation problem ahead of the holidays.

Crenshaw called the administration “a joke” with its handling of the rising inflation. He argued that “inflation isn’t going away any time soon.”

“This administration has become a joke, and inflation isn’t going away any time soon,” Crenshaw outlined. “A lot of the estimates are that this Thanksgiving will be about 15-20% more expensive than before, and it’s demand-driven inflation. And all they want to do is pump more money back into the system, wasteful money, through the Build Back Better plan.”

He continued, “You know, right now, there’s $4.7 trillion in people’s checking accounts across America. That’s three times more than pre-pandemic levels, OK? So there was a 35% increase in individual transfers from government to people over the last year, so … this should help you understand where this is coming from and why we have a worker shortage because people can afford to stay-at-home because they’ve been given lots and lots of checks by the government. And this has to stop, even if it doesn’t feel nice. It has to stop because it’s been driving this problem.”