Everyone is Missing The One Really Big Thing About The New Salvation Army “Woke Scandal”

While everyone is talking about Salvation Army going “woke,” they’re missing something really important.

If you look around social media, a lot of the memes and posts are about how Salvation Army wants white people to apologize for being white, and they’re calling that “woke.”

Sure, on the surface, that’s what it looks like, but it’s much, much scarier than that because guess what?

The Salvation Army is actually teaching and pushing Critical Race Theory… and what’s really scary, is that they’re a Christian organization… Do you see how quickly the left has infiltrated our causes and organizations?

National Review reported that the Salvation Army, the Christian charity famous for its festive collection boxes and volunteers around the holiday season, has adopted the teachings of critical race theory, urging members to actively confront their faith’s historic racism.

In a guidebook titled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” the organization calls Christians to reflect on and rectify their contributions to the social inequities and prejudicial systems that have harmed minorities. Citing its “International Position Statement on Racism,” the organization writes that it “acknowledges with regret, that Salvationists have sometimes shared in the sins of racism and conformed to economic, organisational and social pressures that perpetuate racism.”

An accompanying document created by the Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission, called the “Study Guide on Racism,” claims that white people are responsible for “unconscious bias,” an idea promulgated by critical-race-theory advocate Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi argues that white people’s legacy of racism is irredeemable, and that the only remedy is reverse discrimination as a matter of retributive justice to level the societal playing field.

The study guide reads: “The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice.”

Despite their best intentions and commitment against it, the charity claims, “people can unintentionally and unwittingly perpetuate racial division.”

“For instance, devout Christians who naively use racial epithets or a well-intentioned Sunday School curriculum that only uses white photography and imagery,” the Salvation Army writes.

Toward the end of its guide, the organization presents a glossary of social-justice terms for members’ reference, including ” anti-racist,” “colonizer,” “domestic terrorism,” “fascism,” “inclusion,” “institutional racism,” “micro aggressions,” “systemic racism,” and “whiteness.”

This CRT “anti-racist guidebook” is a vast departure from the group’s original charity mission statement.  You’ll recall that back In 2019, the Salvation Army lost the financial support of the Christian company Chick-fil-A. This latest move on their part suggests that Salvation Army has now succumbed to “progressive” pressure as Chick-fil-A did.