Why Does Senator Rand Paul Want a “New” COVID-19 Vaccine?

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shared one interesting and quite shocking announcement. The solution he offered to the disastrous experimental shot effectiveness was the production of a new vaccine.

Take a look at the video below:

He emphasized that the virus is still spreading despite the vaccines, and as a solution to this problem is another vaccine.

Haven’t you learned the lesson from 2021?

Paul said that the coronavirus shots brought the daily case rate down to under 10,000 cases per day in April and May.

These are the numbers from April:

April 1st – 77,501 cases

April 30th – 59,214 cases

Highest April Date – April 9th (85,093 cases)

Lowest April Date – April 25th (42,197 cases)

And here are from May:

May 1st – 50,759 cases (highest May date)

May 31st – 9,041 cases (lowest May date)

The USA had daily cases below 10,000 on the last day of May. Here seasonality played a crucial role.
Gavin Newsom emphasized seasonality as a crucial player.

Another fact that shares how banal the new vaccine’s introduction is that the USA faced more coronavirus deaths in 2021 than 2020.

We know that the shots worsened the situation with the pandemic, but Sen. Paul still suggested the invention of another vaccine. Did he mean a reformulated Moderna and Pfizer vaccine?

The introduction of the new vaccine will result in these three things:

  1. Incentivize tyrannical Democrats to issue more mandates based on booster status
  2. Enrich Big Pharma even more beyond their wildest dreams
  3. Continue to drive vaccine-resistant mutations

Previously, Paul credited the naturally-acquired immunity. Why doesn’t he suggest using Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Fluvoxamine?