Privilege Prince Harry Thinks He’s Solved the US Job Crisis – Encourages Americans to Quit Their Jobs

Prince Harry is a clown.

There is nothing more annoying and insulting than when a pampered, spoiled prince from England, who’s spent his life being waited on hand and foot, sits around talking about what “working Americans” should do with their jobs and mental health.

Elites like Harry know nothing about “workplace stress” or the stresses of Biden inflation, yet these clueless jerks sit around pontificating and telling the lowly peasants what they should do.

And that’s exactly what Prince Harry is up to … apparently Harry has solved the US job crisis.

The Blaze reported that Prince Harry is all in favor of quitting your job to preserve your mental health.

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company on Monday, the duke of Sussex explained his role with the company BetterUp, and why he believes quitting your job can be great for your mind.

BetterUp is a mental health coaching company that “brings together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to deliver change at scale.” The company was founded in 2013, and is currently valued at $4.7 billion, according to Fast Company.

Prince Harry is the chief impact officer for BetterUp, working with product strategy, philanthropy, and public advocacy related to mental health. He is also in charge of advising the company on how to use funds raised as a result of its commitment to Pledge 1%, according to FastCompany.

When Prince Harry was asked how BetterUp had adapted to trends that were accelerated by COVID-19, such as burnouts and job resignations, Harry responded, “We’re just at the beginning of the mental health awakening.”

He further added, during a recent conversation with BetterUp science board member Adam Grant, that “a lot of job resignations aren’t bad.” He explained that he felt it is better for one to resign from a job that doesn’t make one happy, rather than stay and let the job damage one’s mental health.

Imagine being such a pampered, privileged prince, that you think everyday Americans can just up and quit their jobs because they’re feeling “stressed.”

I guess if we had hundreds of millions of dollars like Harry does, we could do that.

But as it stands now, many of us are just trying to afford ground beef and gasoline in Biden’s disastrous economy, while Harry and Meghan spend $8K on hand lotion.