[VIDEO] CNN’s Gun Expert Just Figured Out What Alec Baldwin Likely Did With That Gun…

CNN’s resident “theatrical gun expert,” Steve Wolf was asked if Alec’s Baldwin’s new claim that he didn’t pull the trigger was plausible.

His short answer: NO.

But he did a great job explaining exactly why Alec’s claim was not possible, and he even brought a gun along as a visual aid.

And as he explained why Alec’s claim is likely impossible, he also showed two options of what probably happened that day on the set of “Rust.”

Both of Wolf’s theories are very interesting and make total sense, even to someone like me who doesn’t know a lot about how guns work.

Wolf demonstrated his theories with the same type of gun Alec would’ve used that fateful day.

He showed how when you pull back the hammer, the trigger on that revolver becomes quite sensitive. Even a relatively small amount of pressure on the trigger would fire the revolver.

Wolf says, it could have been such an inconsequential touch, that it didn’t register in Alec’s brain that he actually fired the gun.

Wolf’s second theory is that Alec had his finger holding down the trigger when he pulled back the hammer.

Now, in this case, if you release your finger off the trigger, the gun will fire.

Again, Alec could have done this without realizing what he was doing at that exact moment.

You can watch the video below:

I actually think one of these two theories likely happened on that day. I don’t think for a second that Alec purposely shot the woman.

I also believe a live round made it into the gun when “bored” workers and actors were target shooting, just hours before Alec’s scene.

However, I think Alec, who has been a very LOUD critic of gun owners, was irresponsible and didn’t show respect for the weapon, and didn’t properly handle it, either.

And I think he needs to pay for that, both civilly and criminally.